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Our Turbulent Economy: How Did We Get Here and How Do We Move Forward?

The recent turmoil in the financial sector and subsequent government response has led to significant changes in the landscape of the markets and the macroeconomy. As uncertainty about the global financial and fiscal environment increases, new problems are arising seemingly every day. In order to gain different perspectives on the various issues, a group of panelists featuring CMC faculty members will share their views on the unfolding crisis.

Specific topics may include comparisons to other historical financial crises, understanding the cause and consequences for financial markets, government policy, the outlook for the industry and economy, and implications for the job market.

The Robert Day School of Economics and Finance is hosting this timely panel discussion on the current economic situation and faculty participants include:

Marc Martos-Vila is a visiting assistant professor at the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance. He attained his Master’s of Science in Economics and Finance from CEMFI in Madrid, Spain, and his Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University. His research is in the area of corporate finance, including work on mergers and acquisitions, executive compensations, and the effects of financial frictions.

Dean Gregory Hess, in addition to his distinctions as the James G. Boswell Professor of Economics and George R. Roberts Fellow, is also the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty. He has taught at Cambridge University and Oberlin College, and served on the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C. as an economist. He is an expert in monetary policy, war and economics, and economics and politics.

Marc Weidenmier is the William F. Podlich'66 Professor of Economics. He has served on the Nominating Committee for the Nobel Prize on Economics (2010), as a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and is a member of the editorial boards of multiple economic journals. His areas of expertise include Macroeconomics, U.S. Financial History, Money and Finance, and Financial Economics.

Manfred Keil is associate professor and Chair of the Faculty at the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance. At the London School of Economics, he received his Master of Science in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, and his Ph.D. in Economics. He served as a Board Member on the China Advisory Board for the Alliance for Global Education and is a member of the American, Western, and Asian Pacific Economic Associations. He is an expert in Macroeconomics, Statistics, Banking, and Comparative Economic Performance.

S. Brock Blomberg is the Dean of the Robert Day School and the Peter K. Barker'70 Professor of Economics. He also received the G. David Huntoon Senior Teaching Award for outstanding teaching. He is co-editor of Contemporary Economic Policy, and associate editor of the Journal of Applied Economics. Dean Blomberg is a member of the American Economics Association and the Eastern Economics Association. He has taught courses in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and International Economics, and is the Economics professor for CMC’s Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program.