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Conversation with Anne and Stan Rice

Once again, that dynamic institution known as the Athenaeum braves new worlds, this time bringing true culture to this oft-times haven of pedestrianism. In their premiere here at CMC, the husband and wife literary team of Anne and Stan Rice promise to awaken within the soul of even the most quantitiative of students the creative yearnings of a writer.

Since his work was selected to be read at the 25th anniversary of the United Nations in San Francisco, the poet then at the tender age of eighteen, Stan Rice has immersed himself in the literary world, earning a Masters degree from San Francisco State University. In the "Golden Gate" city, Mr. Rice has made his mark both as creator and mentor, currently serving as Director of a Poetry Workshop, and teaching classes at his Alma Mater.

Anne Rice is a best-selling novelist, her first work being Interview with the Vampire (1976). Her other works, The Feast of all Saints (1980), and Cry to Heaven (1982), demonstrate this artist to be concerned with exotic worlds, communities of strange peoples which have an internal 'logic' which is elaborately structured (though so vastly different from what we at CMC deem reality). The characters and situations of her works operate within highly developed societies, honed with an imagination that has brought critical and financial success to each of Ms. Rice's other-worldly ventures.

The Rice's will honor the new Athenaeum as the first Visiting Fellows, arriving here on Monday, September 26, and staying through till Wednesday, the 28th. There will be a reception at 5:30 and dinner at 6:00 for this literary duo on the 26th, featuring a poetry reading by Mr. Rice. If you are interested in expanding your cultural horizon, please turn in the tear-off below no later than Friday, September 23.