Career Services

Employment Resources


CMConnect is the comprehensive online communications and recruiting program used by CMC Career Services and the 7C Consortium. Through CMConnect students can access the 7C on-campus recruiting program for hundreds of full-time employment opportunities. Students should carefully and thoroughly fill out their CMConnect profile and educate themselves about the features offered on CMConnect that will streamline their job search (creating a search agent, signing up for targeted emails, for example). 

Selective Liberal Arts Consortium

CMC is a partner in the Selective Liberal Arts Consortium (SLAC) which provides additional internship and full-time employment opportunities for juniors and seniors. SLAC organizes pre-selected interviewing days during late November and Winter Break. CMC students participate in the Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco events. These events offer a great opportunity to meet with organizations that do not interview at The Claremont Colleges. Companies come from all over the country and represent a variety of industries. Opportunities are available in fields such as publishing, law, science, education, government, non-profit, business, and finance.

Industry Nights

Industry Nights are CMC's very popular brand of career fair. Recruiters and alums come back to campus to talk with students about opportunities in their organizations.  Industry Nights are very well attended and are quite effective for both the student and the employer.