Classical Studies

Claremont McKenna College offers a major in Classical Studies. By focusing on the classical and medieval periods of the Mediterranean, Europe and the Near East, the major complements a broad liberal arts education through the cultivation of intellectual skills in disciplines of government, history, literature, philosophy and religious studies. The classical studies major at CMC is ideal for students interested in the culture and achievements of ancient and medieval civilizations for their own value and for students preparing for graduate work in law, medicine, government and foreign service or any of the humanities and social sciences. The major also combines well as a dual major with any of the other major programs.

Classical studies at CMC includes the interdisciplinary, intercollegiate Classics program taught by faculty from Pomona, Scripps, Pitzer and Claremont McKenna Colleges. Through the major’s participation in the intercollegiate program, students may pursue a number of different tracks: classical studies, with a focus on the study of classical culture and civilization in English translation; classics, with a focus on the study of Greek, Latin or Hebrew; or late antique and medieval studies (LAMS), with a focus on the emerging Christian and Islamic cultures and states. Language requirements for the classical studies major (Latin, Greek, Hebrew or Arabic) satisfy the CMC general education requirements for foreign languages.

Students majoring in classical studies selects a CMC faculty member of the program Advisory Committee as advisor to help plan a course of study in the major and may select an off-campus faculty member for the purpose of advising the senior thesis.

For more information about the major, please contact Professor Gary Gilbert in the Department of Religious Studies at CMC