Student Research Analysts - 2010 Summer

Maxwell Chambers '12
Max is a rising junior at CMC. Originally from Portland, OR, Max enjoys skiing, the beach, and cheering on his hometown Blazers and Ducks. He is pursuing an Economics/Mathematics dual major with the Finance Sequence. During his freshman year he worked as a Research Analyst for the Roberts Environmental Center. Throughout his sophomore campaign he served as the Resident Technology Assistant for the Appleby dorm. He will continue this position in his junior year. This summer he is working as a Research Analyst for FEI, collaborating with Professor Richard Burdekin on a research paper involving stock prices of European football clubs.

Reed Hogan '11
Reed Hogan is a rising senior at CMC, majoring in Economics along with the Finance Sequence. After growing up in Milwaukee, WI, Reed enjoys the beautiful weather in southern California that allows him to be an active member of the 5C Men's Ultimate Frisbee Team year round. In addition to this, Reed is a member of the Student Investment Fund and enjoys following and playing sports. This summer he is working with Professor Janet Smith and Professor Lisa Meulbroek on a project regarding college endowment performance. After graduation, Reed will pursue a career in finance.

Saumya Lohia '12
Saumya is an international student from Kanpur, India. She is currently a rising junior at CMC, pursuing a dual major in economics and mathematics with a focus on financial economics. This summer she is working with Professor Arndt on the Global Implications of the U.S. Financial Crisis. She worked with the State Bank of India in the summer of her freshman year and did a field research project for them, on the Leather Industry of Kanpur. She is currently team leader for School of Wheels under SOURCE, which is a non-profit organization headed by Kravis Leadership Institute. She is also a math tutor for students attending the five undergraduate colleges at the Claremont Colleges. In addition to this, she is a member of the Student Investment Fund and treasurer for the Model United Nations Club on campus. In her spare time she enjoys reading, travelling and singing.

Rosabella Magat '12
Rosabella is a rising junior, majoring in Economics and Mathematics and plans to complete the Financial Economics Sequence. Rosabella enjoys travelling and has lived in a few dynamic cities (Manila, Los Angeles and New York City). She loves to frequent the internet, read, cook and listen to music. During the school year she does research for the Lowe Institute of Political Economy and grades/tutors for the CMC Mathematics Department. This summer, she is working with Professor Cronqvist for her FEI Summer Internship and researching aspects of corporate culture. In the fall, she will be studying abroad at the London School of Economics for the academic year. After graduation, Rosabella plans to pursue a career in either finance or consulting, or an advanced degree in Economics.

Nicholas (Coady) Smith '12
Coady is a junior at CMC majoring in Economics and Mathematics along with the Financial Economics Sequence. Born and raised in San Diego, he is a dedicated drummer and guitarist and a regular at beaches during the summer. In addition to working at the FEI, he is a member of the Student Investment Fund and a Calculus tutor at Scripps College. Coady spent the spring semester of his sophomore year studying international economics at the University of Manchester. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a career in the finance industry as an investment banker.

Sze Wai Yuen '12
Sze Wai, originally from Hong Kong, is a rising junior at Claremont McKenna College majoring in Economics-Accounting. Her research interests are mainly topics related to accounting or China. Over the past semester, she worked with Professor Burdekin at the Lowe Institute on Chinese investor sentiment. She will embark on a project with Professor Rosett on information technology and financial reporting this summer. Sze Wai will spend the fall semester of 2010 in Madrid and she hopes to go to a game of Real Madrid versus Barcelona there.