Financial Aid

Additional Information

Receiving your Federal Direct Stafford Loan Funds

When CMC is notified by the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Processor that they have a valid MPN on file for you and you have completed the Entrance Counseling Session, your loan will automatically be credited to your student account, as long as all other federal student aid eligibility requirements have been met.

Request a Reduction or Cancellation of your loan

You have the right to reduce or cancel your loan within 14 days after it credits your student account. This can be done by notifying the Office of Financial Aid by email at from your CMC email account.

Federal Direct Stafford Loan Limits

The federal government sets loan limits on the amount of money a student can borrow. CMC does not package students with unsubsidized loans, however, a student may request to include unsubsidized loans as a revision to their financial aid award. The annual limit applies to the amount a student can borrow in one academic year, while the aggregate limit applies to the maximum amount a student can borrow in a lifetime. Independent and dependent students whose parents are unable to borrow a Direct PLUS loan are are eligible for an additional Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan. See below.

Freshman: $5,500
Sophomore: $6,500
Junior, Senior, Post-Baccalaureate: $7,500

Independent & Dependent with PLUS denial
Freshman: $9,500
Sophomore: $10,500
Junior, Senior, Post-Baccalaureate: $12,500
Graduate: $20,500

Federal Direct Stafford Loan Life Time Limits
Undergraduate Dependent: $31,000
Undergraduate Independent: $57,500
Graduate: $138,500