Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

Net Partner

What is Net Partner?
Net Partner is a web-based student portal that provides students realtime access to their CMC financial aid information. Current and prospective CMC students can log in to Net Partner using their assigned CMC ID and a Net Partner PIN.

What can I do with Net Partner?
Net Partner allows you to view and accept financial aid awards, track documents required to complete your financial aid file, read messages from the financial aid staff, and track Federal student loans. Some of the major changes to the financial aid application process include:

  • You will accept or decline awards using Net Partner.
  • You can now view an up-to-date list of the documents the FAO has received and those you are missing.
  • You can track your federal student loans.
  • When the financial aid staff makes a change to your award or has an important message for you, you will be able to view it in Net Partner.

How do I access Net Partner?

To log-in to Net Partner, simply go to the financial aid web page and click on the Net Partner link located on the right navigation bar. You will need your CMC ID number and your Net Partner PIN. Please note that your Net Partner login information may differ from your CMC email login information.

How do I accept awards or view missing documents?

After you have logged in to Net Partner, you should be able to click on the “Accept Awards” tab. From this tab, you should be able to see a drop-down menu under “Status” next to each award. Click on this menu and select “Accept” to accept an award to “Decline” to decline the award, and then select “Submit.”

After you have logged in to Net Partner, you will be able to click on the “Documents” tab. This tab lists all documents requested by the Office of Financial Aid, as well as their status. If the document status is “Received,” we have received this document and do not require any further action from you regarding that document. If the status is “Not Received,” “Incomplete,” or “Not Signed,” this document still requires action from you before it will be marked as “Received.”

Where do I get my CMC ID and Net Partner PIN?

You will receive your CMC ID with your award letter. You can log on to Net Partner as a FIRST TIME USER to establish your PIN.

I forgot my CMC ID and/or Net Partner PIN.
If you are a current CMC student who has forgotten their CMC ID number, you can find it on your CMC ID card. If you have lost your card, please visit the CUC card center to be reissued another card. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can log in using your CMC ID number and click FORGOT YOUR PIN? Simply follow the instructions to securely identify yourself. Please keep these numbers in a safe place.

Help! I cannot log in to Net Partner. What should I do?

If you are having difficulty logging in to Net Partner, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at Please provide the code you received when attempting to log in to Net Partner.