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The Financial Economics Institute provides several powerful databases to the students and faculty of Claremont McKenna College. These databases provide important tools for research and classroom activities, as well as for senior theses. A detailed description of the data sources can be found below.

Bloomberg Professional

The Bloomberg Professional service integrates data, news, analytics, multimedia reports, research, and trading capabilities into a single platform. The system's technology provides a reliable, secure, state-of-the-art network to assure fast, free-flowing access to information via a Bloomberg Terminal.

The Bloomberg Terminal offers quick access to important financial information and news, both of which are updated 24 hours a day. The service includes access to data from international equity markets, money markets, currency markets, municipal and corporate bond markets, and commodity markets. The Terminal is used to navigate the Bloomberg services more efficiently by having instant access to securities data, real-time pricing, historical pricing, news and research, as well as recorded interviews, analytics, and a 'Portfolio System' which allows the user to analyze and price customized portfolios.

For detailed information on how to use a Bloomberg Terminal, please download the FEI Bloomberg Tutorial (PDF).


The Wharton Research Data System (WRDS) maintains several databases in easy-to-use and up-to-date formats. This web-based data management system allows faculty and students to easily retrieve information from a wide variety of financial, economic, and marketing data sources. Through WRDS, CMC subscribes to COMPUSTAT North American, CRSP, Thomson Financial, Board Analyst, SDC Platinum, IRRC, and I/B/E/S, in addition to the handful of data sets that automatically come with WRDS. Detailed descriptions of these services can be found below.

Claremont Consortium faculty, administrative staff, and students are welcome to use the following tutorial to help get you started in creating a WRDS account.

Board Analyst

Board Analyst is a comprehensive source of objective corporate governance and compensation information, providing powerful online research and analytic tools to easily access and compile critical company information. For each proxy year beginning in 2001, information includes: corporate board structure and independence, director positions and committee assignments, executive compensation, director compensation, audit fees, corporate ownership, and takeover defenses.

COMPUSTAT North America

A product of Standard & Poor's, COMPUSTAT North America is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market information on more than 24,000 active and inactive publicly held companies. It is a near census of publicly traded firms, providing thousands of annual reports, income statements, statements of cash flows, and supplemental data items.

COMPUSTAT North America offers files that are available in both annual and quarterly formats. The industrial annual formats offer both historical and restated data. The industrial quarterly formats offer restated data as reported by the various companies. The restated data allow analysts to compare current and prior years' results on a comparable basis and determine financial trends and growth rates. For most companies, annual and quarterly data are available for a maximum of 20 years and 48 quarters. In many cases, data stretch back fifty years or more. COMPUSTAT North America files also contain information on aggregates, industry segments, banks, market prices, dividends, and earnings.

ExecuComp is also available within the COMPUSTAT system. This dataset includes over 80 different compensation items on more than 12,500 executives (top five executive officers per company), and over 35 measures of company financial performance taken from COMPUSTAT. The data are annual and available from 1992 forward.


Founded in 1960, the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) maintains the most comprehensive collection of standard and derived security data available for the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ Stock Market. CRSP is a research center at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and maintains historical data spanning from December 1925 to the present. CRSP's trademark of unique issue identifiers tracks a continuous history of securities, providing a seamless time-series examination of a given issue's history. CRSP's unparalleled accuracy and dedication to excellence has made CRSP data a staple of academic and commercial research and data analysis throughout the world.

CRSP also provides links to allow CRSP and COMPUSTAT to be accurately matched at each point in time, irrespective of name changes and M&A activity. Without these links, it is difficult to match the historical accounting and financial markets information.


I/B/E/S International Inc. created their Academic Research Program over 30 years ago to provide both summary and individual analyst forecasts of company earnings, cash flows, and other important financial items, as well as buy-sell-hold recommendations. The Institutional Brokers Estimates System database includes historical estimates for 35,000 companies around the globe. With U.S. coverage back to 1976 and International coverage back to 1987, I/B/E/S data are unique for providing historical insight across a variety of market conditions.

Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC)

Founded in 1972, the Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC) provides independent research and data covering corporate governance, proxy voting, and corporate responsibility issues. IRRC's Directors Dataset details the structure and practices of boards of directors for around 1,500 of the largest companies publicly traded in the U.S. IRRC's mission is to provide the highest quality research on companies and shareholders worldwide.

Thomson Financial Insiders Filing Data

Through the Insiders datasets, one can find up-to-date data on a wide array of insider trades. Data are available from 1986 forward.

Thomson Research

A service distinct from WRDS, this resource provides access to comprehensive company information, including SEC filings, Worldscope reports and financials, and Extel Cards that provide as-reported filings, recent company announcements, and detailed business information (including up to 1,400 data items on each Extel Card) from thousands of global companies. Thomson also offers the EDGAR Free Text search function, which allows users to search SEC Filings for a given word or phrase. Thomson One Banker offers quick and easy access to quotes, earnings estimates, financial fundamentals, market moving news, transaction data, corporate filings, ownership profiles, peer comparisons, and research from industry-leading sources.

For access information for Thomson Research, please contact the Financial Economics Institute at

Other Databases Available to Students of the Claremont Colleges
Note: You must be on the campus of one of the Claremont Colleges (including CGU) to access these resources.


ABI/Inform contains abstracts and full articles from thousands of journals aimed at helping people track "business conditions, trends, management techniques, corporate strategies and industry specific topics worldwide." This resource provides access to a number of publications, including Barron's, Business Week, and The Wall Street Journal. This resource is available via ProQuest.

Chicago Board Options Exchange

The Chicago Board Options Exchange, CBOE®, offers current and historical market data, aimed at helping options traders make more informed decisions. Data is available on daily market statistics, intra-day volume, annual market statistics, historical stock volatilities, and more.

D&B's Million Dollar Database

D&B's Million Dollar Database provides company information such as type of ownership, number of employees in America and abroad, and biographies of principal executives. The Claremont College's subscription provides information on more than 1,600,000 public and private businesses in the United States and Canada.

Financial Data Finder

The Financial Data Finder, offered by the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University, is a collection of references to web sites devoted to various areas of finance. It is targeted to the needs of researchers and students.

Financial Data: Current & Historical

This website contains a collection current and historical financial data, updated regularly. Sections include: money stock, interest rates, banking data, U.S. Treasury data, national debt, and macroeconomic data.

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED®)

FRED®, a database of over 3,000 U.S. economic time series, provides data for download in Microsoft Excel and text formats, along with charts of data series. Categories include banking, CPI, unemployment, exchange rates, GDP, interest rates, and more. The newly introduced ALFREDTM, ArchivaL Federal Reserve Economic Data, can also retrieve vintage versions of data that were available on specific dates in history.

Global Financial Data
Comprehensive economic and financial time-series database covering 200 countries and 6,500 different data series.  Includes data on stock markets from 1690, exchange rates from 1590, interest rates from 1700, commodities from 1500, and inflation from 1264.  Selected current and historical stock price data is also available.  Users can download data into spreadsheet format or use the graphing.

Hoover's Online

Hoover's Online offers an easy-to-use web-interface that provides an overview of over 12 million companies and 600 industries. This database provides information on competitors, subsidiaries and, for select corporations, features such as short videos of speeches from the CEOs. Additional tools allow you to build custom lists of executives, conduct custom news searches, and compare peer companies.

Mergent Online

Mergent Online covers more than 10,000 public companies in the United States and provides access to their SEC filings. Mergent also offers a large selection of information on a number of international companies. This database allows you to search and download information from EDGAR (a database of all SEC filings), create custom reports, and download data in various formats.

Princeton University Pliny Fisk Library of Economics & Finance

The Pliny Fisk Library of Economics & Finance provides a detailed guide to finding and using financial data. This handbook is directed towards those conducting research at Princeton University, therefore some of the resources listed are not available to individuals outside of the Princeton community.

Valueline Investment Survey Online:

The Value Line Investment Survey is a comprehensive source of information and advice on approximately 1,700 stocks, more than 90 industries, the stock market, and the economy. The Ratings & Reports section contains one-page reports on approximately 1,700 companies and more than 90 industries. The Timeliness Ranking System forecasts the next six to twelve months of relative price performance for the featured stocks.

For additional database resources, please visit the Library's web site at:

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