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Papers by affiliated faculty of the Financial Economics Institute.


2007-09 Eric Helland and Jonathan Klick
Court Congestion as an Explanation for Rising Attorney Fees, Journal of Legal Studies, 36(1):1-17, 2007

2007-08 Eric Helland and Alex Tabarrok
Does Three Strikes Deter? A Non-Parametric Estimation - Forthcoming, Journal of Human Resources

2007-07 Eric Helland and Jonathan Klick
The Tradeoffs Between Regulation and Class Actions: Evidence from Insurance Litigation, Journal of Tort Law

2007-06 Eric Helland and Alex Tabarrok
Liability and Moral Hazard: Evidence from General Aviation

2007-05 Eric Helland and Alex Tabarrok
Crash and Learn: Consumption Externalities and the Reduction of Aircraft Accidents

2007-04 Eric Helland and Jonathan Klick
The Impact of Attorney Compensation on the Timing of Settlements, under review

2007-03 Eric Helland and Mark Showalter
The Impact of Liability on the Physician Labor Market, under review

2007-02 Eric Helland and Yaron Raviv
The Optimal Jury Size When Jury Deliberation Follows a Random Walk, under review

2007-01 Darren Filson and Neal Masia
The Effects of Profit-Reducing Policies on Firm Survival, Financial Performance, and New Drug Introductions in the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry - Forthcoming, Managerial and Decision Economics


2006-08 Bill Brown, Eric Helland, and Janet Smith
Corporate Philanthropic Practices, Journal of Corporate Finance, 12: 855-877, 2006

2006-07 Eric Helland
Reputational Penalties and the Merits of Class Action Securities Litigation, Journal of Law and Economics, 49(2):365-395, 2006

2006-06 Gary Smith, Joseph Steinberg, and Robert Wertheimer
The Next Best Thing to Knowing Someone Who is Usually Right - Forthcoming, Journal of Wealth Management

2006-05 Janet Kiholm Smith, Richard L. Smith, and Kenji Kutsuna
Public Information, IPO Price Formation, and Long-run Returns: Japanese Evidence

2006-04 Gary Smith, Anita Arora, and Lauren Capp
Do Stocks Added to the Dow Outperform the Stocks They Replace?

2006-03 Gary Smith and Donald P. Gould
Measuring and Controlling Shortfall Risk in Retirement - Forthcoming, Journal of Investing

2006-02 Margaret H. Smith and Gary Smith
Bubble, Bubble, Where’s the Housing Bubble? - Forthcoming, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity

2006-01 Gary Smith and Jeff Anderson
A Great Company Can be a Great Investment - Financial Analysts Journal


2005-09 John Angus, William O. Brown, Janet Kiholm Smith, and Richard Smith
What’s in Your 403(b)? Academic Retirement Plans and the Costs of Underdiversification

2005-08 Margaret H. Smith, Manfred Keil, and Gary Smith
Shrunken Earnings Predictions are Better Predictions, Applied Financial Economics

2005-07 Margaret H. Smith and Gary Smith
The Valuation of Houses in an Uncertain World with Substantial Transaction Costs

2005-06 Reid Dorsey-Palmateer and Gary Smith
Shrunken Interest Rate Forecasts are Better Forecasts, Applied Financial Economics

2005-05 Gary Smith and Donald P. Gould
Measuring and Controlling Shortfall Risk in Retirement

2005-04 Harvesting Capital Gains and Losses

2005-03 Jeff Anderson and Gary Smith
A Great Company Can be a Great Investment

2005-02 Alex Head, Gary Smith, and Julia Wilson
Would a Stock By Any Other Ticker Smell as Sweet?

2005-01 Margaret Hwang Smith, Gary Smith, and Chris Thompson
When is a Housing Bubble Not a Housing Bubble?


2004-11 Zhaoyang Gu, Chi-Wen Jevons Lee & Joshua G. Rosett
What Determines the Variability of Accounting Accruals?

2004-10 J. Harold Mulherin
Corporations, Collective Action, and Corporate Governance: One Size Does Not Fit All

2004-09 Kenji Kutsuna, Janet Kiholm Smith & Richard L. Smith
Banking Relationships and Access to Equity Capital Markets: Evidence from Japan's Man Bank System

2004-08 J. Harold Mulherin, Jeffry M. Netter, and Mike Stegemoller
Privatization and the Market for Corporate Control

2004-07 Frank Kerins, Kenji Kutsuna, Richard Smith
Why Are IPOs Underpriced? Evidence from Japan's Hybrid Auction-Method Offerings

2004-06 Audra L. Boone & J. Harold Mulherin
Do Takeover Auctions Induce a Winner's Curse?

2004-05 Audra L. Boone & J. Harold Mulherin
How Are Firms Sold?

2004-04 Audra L. Boone & J. Harold Mulherin
Do Termination Provisions Truncate the Takeover Bidding Process?

2004-03 Eric Helland & Janet Kiholm Smith
An Analysis of Corporate Philanthropic Practices

2004-02 Joshua Rosett & Yong-Chul Shin
Does Labor Disclosure Provide Useful Information? The Case of Analysts' Forecasts

2004-01 Margaret Hwang Smith, Gary Smith & Chris Thompson
Is There a Housing Bubble in Southern California?


2003-01 Zhaoyang Gu, Chi-Wen Jevons Lee & Joshua G. Rosett
Measuring the Pervasiveness of Earnings Management from Quarterly Accrual Volatility

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