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Financial Economics Sequence

Course Requirements

Financial Economics

The Financial Economics Sequence is part of the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance.  The curriculum of the Sequence is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the financial sector and/or graduate education in economics, finance, and related fields.

The Sequence has a rigorous quantitative focus and is designed to complement majors in economics, economics-accounting, and mathematics, as well as dual majors having an economics component.  In addition, the Sequence is complementary to the coursework required for the undergraduate Robert Day Scholars Program.  Under the auspices of the Financial Economics Institute (FEI), students complete the Sequence, which is noted on the transcript, thereby attesting to their solid understanding of the discipline.

For further information, please contact Professor Joshua Rosett, Director of the FEI.

Sequence Requirements

The Sequence consists of four parts: prerequisite courses in mathematics, statistics, and economics; core finance courses; elective courses; and an oral defense of an independent research project (or senior thesis) that addresses a financial economics topic.

Prerequisite courses in mathematics, economics, and statistics

MATH 031 CM - Calculus II
ECON 086 CM - Accounting for Decision Making
ECON 101 CM - Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 125 CM - Econometrics

Two core courses in financial economics

Three elective courses in financial economics

Research project
Students must complete a major research project in the area of financial economics.  The project may be the student's senior thesis, which is also a general education requirement.  Students who use the senior thesis for this requirement must register for the one-half credit research seminar course (ECON 180 CM), and will be asked to present and defend their research at the end of the semester in which they complete their research work.

Educational Objectives for the Financial Economics Sequence

The Sequence emphasizes the understanding of modern finance as a tool for those looking for a greater understanding of finance, accounting, economics, and policy.  Consistent with CMC's liberal arts orientation, the Sequence is designed so that students can major in fields other than economics, while at the same time gain the necessary background to facilitate placement in the financial sector of top graduate programs in economics and related fields.  For details, see Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes of the Program in Economics and Economics-Accounting in Economics.