Financial Economics Institute

Student Research Analysts

The Financial Economics Institute provides students with the opportunity to work closely with FEI affiliated faculty from CMC, CGU, and Pomona College and assist the Institute staff with general operations. Specific responsibilities may include data collection, data entry, preparing and analyzing databases, maintaining databases, programming, and general clerical work for the Institute. Past projects have examined issues such as:

  • Whether shareholder value is created when boards of directors elect to give their managers the choice of exchanging their old out-of-the-money executive stock options for new at-the-money options.
  • Whether CEOs with financial backgrounds over- or under-perform CEOs with more general “leadership” backgrounds.
  • To what extent firms actively of passively manage their risk levels to achieve desired risk profile.
  • The impact of university governance structure on endowment performance.
  • What determines variations in IPO filing ranges?

Student Research Analyst part-time internships are available during the academic year and full-time, 10-week internships during the summer. Applications for internships during the academic year are accepted at the start of each semester and summer internship applications are due in the middle of the spring semester. The Institute sends out e-mail announcements notifying students of application deadlines.