The Gould Center is pleased to support students and faculty research through the following programs:

John R. Dunbar Student Fellowship

The John R. Dunbar Student Fellowship is an annual program that allows CMC students to work with a faculty mentor in a program of coactive scholarship. The topic and nature of the projects vary according to the current and overall scholarly program of the faculty mentor and the special interests and talents of the student. This year's Dunbar fellows are Ratik Asokan, Caroline Lu, Yi Luo, Vivan Marwaha, Kailas Menon, Alexander Reeser, and Elaine Sohng.

Past recipients and project details

Faculty Summer Research Fellowships

The Faculty Summer Research Fellowship is an annual program which provides stipends to CMC faculty to facilitate their pursuit of a variety of humanities-related projects within their overall scholarly program. Of special interest are faculty who have published major books or papers.

The Gould Center is pleased to announce this year's fellows and the projects they will be working on:

Fazia Aitel, Department of Modern Languages, Algerian Intellectuals in Paris and Algiers

Stephen Davis, Department of Philosophy and Department of Religious Studies, Is Belief in God Natural?: Sic et Non

Heather Ferguson, Department of History, Law, Language, and the Practice of Government in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire

Nita Kumar, Department of History, “Because I’m Worth It”: the Legitimacy of Cosmetics and Modern Beauty Treatments for Women in North India

James Morrison, Department of Literature, Citizen Kane, Mass Culture, and the Frankfurt School

George Thomas, Department of Government, The Constitution of Mind

Past recipients and project details


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