Parking Regulations for CMC Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors

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l. Policy Statement

In coordination and cooperation with the other Claremont Colleges, Claremont McKenna College seeks to concentrate, contain and manage its parking impacts within its own campus so that it minimizes the potential negative impacts of traffic and parking on adjacent campuses and private neighborhoods.

II. Entities Covered by this Policy

All units of the College.

III. Contacts

Contact Telephone
Director of Facilities and Campus Services xt. 71637

IV. Policy Discussion

CMC provides parking spaces for its faculty, staff, students, and visitors in dedicated lots or on streets abutting campus property in order to mitigate the impacts of our own traffic and parking on the other Colleges and in adjacent neighborhoods.

As a result, although there are a number of "general" permit lots that are currently available to registered faculty or staff members at each of the Colleges, it shall be the College's policy to require all CMC faculty, students, and staff to park in a CMC-designated parking location as their "regular" parking location when they are on campus for work (as a faculty or staff member) or residential purposes (as a student). Temporary, short-term parking to attend a meeting, visit an office or a colleague, or other similar activity, shall not be restricted by this policy.

~ Example: A faculty or staff member who works on the west side of campus should not park in a non-CMC parking lot, such as the McAlister Lot, or on a public street, such as College Avenue, as their "regular" parking location. If parking at the west end of campus is unavailable, the College expects that such faculty or staff member will park at a different CMC location, such as Bauer East parking lot.

"Regular" parking in a non-CMC space is permissible when CMC has obtained consent I authorization from the "home" institution to use such parking. The Office of Facilities and Campus Services will send out appropriate notices to faculty and staff of these locations. Please contact the Office of Facilities and Campus Services if there are any questions regarding authorized, regular parking locations on CMC's campus.

Although the College does not intend to punish or prohibit isolated incidental violations of this policy, the College will conduct periodic monitoring of CMC designated parking areas, as well as non-CMC parking lots and public streets adjoining the CMC campus, and will enforce this policy against "habitual" violators. For the purposes of this policy, a habitual violator shall be understood to mean vehicles that have been identified as parking in a non-authorized location more than 3 times in anyone work week, or more than 5 times in any 30 day period.

Individuals who have been identified as potential habitual violators of this policy shall be reported to the relevant representative below:

~ Faculty: Dean of the Faculty

~ Staff: Director of HR

The foregoing College representatives shall be responsible for meeting with a reported individual and reviewing the provisions of this policy to ensure that they park in appropriate locations. If the individual continues to habitually park in violation of this policy, then the relevant College official above may suspend the individual's parking permit privileges at The Claremont Colleges for a period of up to one year.

The College has also established the following "hotline" number and email address, which will be available to members of The Claremont Colleges and adjoining neighborhoods to report "habitual" parking violations:

~(909) 607-7681 or email Parking

Responsible Official: Office of the Vice President for Business and Administration I Office of Facilities and Campus Services

January 1, 2009