Violence In The Workplace Prevention Policy

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Purpose of Policy

Although Claremont McKenna College has experienced a minimal amount of violence on campus, this policy is being instituted to protect employees, students, and guests of Claremont McKenna College in the case of any incidents of violent behavior.

Zero tolerance

Claremont McKenna College has a policy of zero tolerance for violence. If you engage in any violence in the workplace, or threaten violence in the workplace, your employment will be terminated immediately. No talk of violence or joking about violence will be tolerated.

“Violence" includes physically harming another, shoving, pushing, harassing, intimidating, coercing, brandishing weapons, and threatening or talking of engaging in those activities. It is the intent of this policy to ensure that everyone associated with Claremont McKenna College, including staff, faculty, students and visitors, never feels threatened by any employee’s actions or conduct.

All weapons banned

Claremont McKenna College specifically prohibits the possession of weapons by any employee while on College property. This ban includes keeping or transporting a weapon in a vehicle in a parking area, whether public or private. Employees are also prohibited from carrying a weapon while representing the College when off the College’s premises.

Weapons include guns, knives, explosives, and other items with the potential to inflict harm. Appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination, will be taken against any employee who violates this policy.


Offices, desks, file cabinets, telephones, and computers are the property of the College. We reserve the right to enter or inspect your work area including, but not limited to, desks and computer storage disks, with or without notice.

Reporting violence

It is everyone's business to prevent violence in the workplace. You can help by reporting what you see in the workplace that could indicate that a co-worker is in trouble. You are in a better position than management to know what is happening with those you work with.

You are encouraged to report any incident that may involve a violation of any of the College’s policies that are designed to provide a comfortable workplace environment. Concerns may be presented to your supervisor.

All reports will be investigated and information will be kept on a “need to know” basis.

Training programs

As part of its commitment to preventing workplace violence, the College has established training programs for all employees. Training will be included as part of your orientation. Thereafter, you will be required to attend an annual refresher training. Please be advised that training is mandatory and attendance will be taken. Failure to attend a mandatory training session can lead to disciplinary action.

Education offerings

In order to promote a positive working environment, we encourage supervisors and employees to enroll in courses to learn more about working with each other. Courses covering communication, problem solving, building effective working relationships, stress management, and related or similar course topics are supported for attendance at outside seminars.

Employee assistance program

The company provides an employee assistance program (EAP) for all benefit-based employees. This EAP offers services to these employees and their eligible dependents. While we receive periodic reports on the number and types of visits or calls made to the EAP, we do not receive information about individual contacts with the EAP.

You are encouraged to use the EAP whenever you feel the need for guidance in coping with life’s difficulties. If you have difficulty handling drugs or alcohol, the EAP can provide information on treatment. The EAP is a confidential service to be used when you need help. This program is accessed by calling 1-800-234-5465.

Violence prevention team

We have an Emergency Operations Team that, along with major emergency management, will be trained in handling violence issues. The team will also handle the consequences of any incidents of violence that we experience, providing assistance to employees and information to the media. The team will take the steps necessary to continue or resume business after a threat or incidence of violence.

If you have suggestions for ways to improve the safety and security at work, please pass them along to the Human Resources Department, 528 N. Mills, extension 18490.

Incident management

In the event of a major workplace incident that affects, or has the potential to affect, the mental health of our workforce, we will provide initial counseling and support services to you and your immediate family members.

As the crisis passes and support systems are put into place for individuals affected by the incident, the College will make every effort to return to normal business operations. A reasonable effort will be made to notify staff, faculty, students, and others who need to know of the status of College operations whenever possible. In cases where direct contact is not possible or practical, an effort will be made to communicate through the news media and other available resources.

Revised: 03/11/2014