Smart Classrooms

All CMC classrooms on the CMC campus have been enhanced with a built-in multimedia system that allows faculty using the rooms to accomplish almost virtually any audio-visual task with little or no assistance from Media Services.

The Bauer Grid details all equipment in the Bauer classrooms.

The Roberts Grid details all equipment in the Roberts Hall classrooms.

All classrooms Include:

  • Data/Video projectors for display from a Laptop, Lectern mounted PC, VCR, DVD player, Video Camera, Document Camera or Satellite Dish. The equipment rack in each room has external inputs where users can plug their own equipment into the system.
  • Laptop video and network connections located on each of the classroom lecterns. A laptop is connected to the lectern with a VGA cable to their external monitor port. For network access on the CMC campus, a laptop must be assigned an IP address from the IST department. Call ext. 70911 for more information.
  • two classroom VCRsTwo S-VHS VCR's in the equipment rack. The first VCR is used for playback of standard VHS and S-VHS videocassettes. The second VCR is used for recording purposes. The user selects from multiple video sources with the touch panel controls at the lectern. Sources include; the playback VCR, wall mounted camera, satellite dish, video hub, and the external inputs located in the equipment rack.
  • Microphone systems consisting of built-in ceiling microphone, a wireless lapel microphone, and in some rooms, table mounted microphones connected to the classroom sound system for amplification and recording to the audio cassette deck.
  • CD CasetteCD/Cassette combination players enabling you to play a standard music CD or audiocassette through the classroom's sound system. The cassette deck has record capabilities from the classroom's built in microphone system as well as from the CD player.
  • wall-mounted cameraWall mounted cameras for recording lectures and presentations. The cameras are also capable of broadcasting to other classrooms in their building through the main video hub. This service must be arranged with Media Services in advance.
  • DirectTVå¨ satellite receivers enabling each room to receive a basic compliment of cable channels including local networks and news channels.

Most Classrooms Include:

  • Server based Thin Client terminals with Microsoft Office suite, web browser, and access to personal network space
  • DVD players
  • Laser Disk Players

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