Microsoft Work-at-Home Program

Microsoft Work-at-Home Program (WAHP)
What is the Microsoft Work-at-Home Program?
Colleges participating in the Microsoft Campus Agreement license may extend work-at-home rights to faculty and staff. Extending those rights allows faculty and staff to order media (CD-ROMs) for work-at-home use. CMC has purchased a Microsoft Campus Agreement license, and has chosen to extend the work-at-home rights to CMC faculty and staff.
What software is available under the program?
Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, and Microsoft Office products for PC and Mac.
How do I order work-at-home media?
Work-at-home media is purchased via the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC). You will need to Register or Sign In at the Foundation for California Community Colleges website to select and order media. The Foundation for California Community Colleges will verify your eligibility to purchase the media.
Do I own the software?
No. The media is fully licensed as long as the CMCMicrosoftå¨ Campus Agreement is in place and you remain an eligible employee.
How many copies of the media can I order?
The license provides that you may only order one of each program during the license year; you are, however, allowed to order one copy of a NEW revision or version upon its release. Windowså¨ upgrades require that a Windowså¨ operating system (OS) be previously installed on your computer.
What if the media isdefective?
All disks are fully guaranteed; defective disks are replaced at no charge within 30 days of delivery.
Do I get softwaremanuals and free telephone support from Microsoft?
No. The license agreement with Microsoftå¨ does not include free access to phone help from Microsoftå¨. Hardcopy manuals are not included but are available online at There is also online help at and FCCC provides limited assistance by email at


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