Information Technology Policies

Claremont McKenna College has developed policies regarding the appropriate use of technology resources that apply to all members of the College community.

Two governing committees contribute to setting policy: the Academic Computing Committee, which gives input on policies especially of import to faculty and students; and the Administrative Computing Committee, which is responsible for all-College Information Technology policies. Each of our Information Technology policies reflect the College’s Basic Rules of Conduct and cohere with The Claremont Colleges Policy Regarding Appropriate Use of Campus Computing and Network Resources.

Claremont Wide

  • Claremont Colleges Appropriate Use of Campus Computing and Network Resources
  • The Claremont Colleges & Copyright


  • Anti-Virus Policy
  • Configuration for Out-of-Office Message
  • E-mail Distribution Lists
  • E-Mail Signature Block Standard
  • Submitting Mass E-Mails to Claremont McKenna College


  • Web Policy


  • Backup/Recovery of User Files on Network Servers
  • Departmental Technology Budget Upgrades
  • Faculty Technology Budget Upgrades
  • Faculty Technology Guide to IFA Purchasing at Claremont McKenna College
  • Purchase of Obsolete Workstations from the College
  • Replacement Cycle of Workstations
  • Standard Faculty and Staff Workstation Screen-Saver Policy
  • Standard Staff Printer Hardware Configuration
  • Standard Workstation Hardware and Software Configuration


  • Change Management
  • CMC's Response to Student Violations of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Copyright Compliance
  • Digital Signage
  • Employee Termination Information Access and Resource Disposition
  • Student Access to Administrative Information Systems


  • Appropriate Use of CMC's Computing and Network Resources
  • Student Computing Laboratory Usage Policy
  • Student Residential Network Use
  • Use of Internet Services and Network Resources