Ryal Lab Construction Site

In Spring of 2008, Ryal Poppa (CMC '57) dedicated $250,000 to the construction of a computer lab to be located in a central residential area. The former Phillips Apartments fit that bill. Watch the progress of the construction of this lab. As we already have a Poppa Lab, thanks to Mr. Poppa's generosity, we are naming this lab the Ryal Residential Lab, or simply the Ryal Lab.

Finish date: November 30, 2008.

Job Log - description of what is happening as we proceed through the construction!

Here is an image of the basic layout with the locations of the pictures in green. Mouse over to display image.

Here is a quick image of the basic layout as it stands now - with the apartments. The locations of the pictures is in green."

Phillips Apartments

Here is a quick map of the campus with the location of the Ryal Lab highlighted with a blue circle. The Dorms are colored green, showing how central the Ryal Lab is to the residence halls.

CMC Map with Ryal Lab highlighted