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Poppa Computer Lab

Poppa Computer LabNamed for Ryal Poppa '57 and opened in 1980, Poppa Computer Lab is the main computing lab for students on campus. Located in CMC's Adams Hall, Poppa Lab features the largest collection of lab computing resources on campus, including scanners, video editing stations, and free laser printing, among other critical offerings for students. Poppa Lab has 36 computers - a mix of Macs and Windows.


Ryal Residential Lab


Ryal Residential LabRyal Lab, also named for Ryal Poppa '57, is the newest computer lab at CMC. Finished in the fall of 2008, Ryal provides a comprehensive offering of computing facilities. Located in Phillips Hall, Ryal supports students in the heart of the campus. The design of this lab facilitates group work.

Ryal Lab has 17 Windows computers.


South Lab at Stark Hall


South Lab at Stark HallSouth Lab/opened in 2001. South Lab is located in Stark Hall and provides resources to all students in more southern ares of the college.

South Lab has 14 Windows computers.


Poppa Family Technology Classroom (Kravis Center 165)


Bauer Technology ClassroomPoppa Family Technology Classroom, also known as KTC, is a resource for both students and faculty. The classroom can be used with or without the computers - flip the monitor down for non-computing use, flip it up for computing use. While some classes meet in KC165 on a regular basis, the Technology Classroom doubles as a computer lab for students during non-classroom hours and is open during weekday evenings with specialty computer workshops available as well.

KC165 has 32 Windows computers.


Fletcher Jones Lecture Hall


Fletcher Jones Lecture HallFletcher Jones Lecture Hall (Roberts North 12) is solely a computing classroom and features a proxy system, where instructors can show their screen to all students at their computers and toggle between their instructor screen and student screens. With high-capacity seating, Fletcher Hall can also be used without the technology features and make use of its eight whiteboards. Located in Roberts North Hall, Fletcher is a powerful and exciting venue for of instructional computing.

Fletcher Jones Lecture Hall has 47 Windows computers.

Lab Map

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Lab Hours

Poppa Lab
Open 24/7, Staffed:
9AM-Midnight Mon-Thurs
9AM-5PM Friday
12PM-5PM Saturday
12PM-Midnight Sunday

Ryal Lab
Open 24/7, unstaffed

South Lab
Open 24/7, unstaffed

Poppa Family Technology Classroom (Kravis Center 165)
7PM-1AM Sun-Wed
Available during classes and when 
reserved through Story House, as well 
as specific times as announced. 

Fletcher Jones Lecture Hall
Available during classes and when
reserved through
Story House


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