Ryal Lab

Ryal Lab is CMC's newest residential lab, funded by Ryal Poppa and built in the summer of 2008 (you can see the transformation here ). With 17 workstations, most of which having nearly 72" of desk space each, Ryal Lab is designed with collaboration in mind: students have plenty of space to spread out or to work with team members without crowding themselves or their neighbors.

The "fjord" design increases the amount of workspace available without decreasing the number of workstations that could be placed. Ryal Lab is a long and narrow space which limits how workstations can be placed - this undulating desk design gives maximum space in a limited area.

We also populate the long North wall with student photographs obtained via an annual photo contest. 18 large prints stay on the wall for a year with new submissions at the end of the fall semester.

Ryal Lab is our most popular lab.