Bring or Don't Bring

Aside from your computer, there are several things you should have:
  1. Surge Protector - give yourself a few extra places to plug in as well as a little protection.
  2. Network cable - while CMC is almost completely wireless, those speeds are limited because of usage. We recommend that you use wired network when you can - bring a 20 foot Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable so you can reach a network plug anywhere in your room.
  3. Security cable - a Kensington type lock. This is for laptops - if you have to leave your laptop somewhere (even in your room), get a Kensington type lock to keep it secure.
  4. Laptop case - don't bother with the ones that come with your laptop. Go to some place like REI and get one you really like.
  5. Laptop Mouse - this is more of a suggestion. Using a track-pad all day can be a drag. Microsoft and Logitech make outstanding and inexpensive mice just for laptops.

A few things to NOT bring:

  1. Wireless Access Point - your dorm is already covered and unautorized WAPs can cause interference. You will not be allowed to use a personal WAP.
    1. This especially includes Apple's Time Capsule. While this product is great for HOME use, it is a WAP and not appropriate for CMC's larger network.
  2. Router/Firewall - we are already behind a very robust firewall and our network is protected. Router/firewalls are not allowed on campus.