Computing Problems

Most problems with your computer will come through bad practice. It's a truism that the single most vulnerable part of your computer is your fore-finger - if you stay away from questionable or bad websites and avoid clicking on questionable or bad links, your computer will very likely remain clean.

Here are some typical problems you may encounter:

  1. Your computer may slow down. Often this is because you have loaded some cute program or neat utility that you found but is running activities that you did not anticipate. Reduce the extra "stuff" you run and keep it to essentials and legitimate programs.
  2. Your network access speed may seem slow. Often this is because you have downloading programs running in the background - bittorrent, iTunes, etc. can all use your network connection while you're doing something else. Change the settings so that there is no uploading activity ever (with Peer to Peer software programs) and do your iTunes downloading during low demand times (late at night, early in the morning). Also, wireless speed is inherently slower than wired speed so use your wired connection when you can.

In all cases of a problem, contact your RTA (Resident Technology Assistant) first!