Habits to avoid

This discussion is not about what you do online - you're adults and can make your own choices. You do need to realize that there can be consequences if you do things that you should not do, and we want you to avoid those actions.
  1. DO NOT give out your password - that is your identity; do not give it away!
  2. Minimize peer to peer sharing.
  3. Avoid questionable websites.
  4. Don't click on popups.
  5. Don't automatically open attachments - if you don't know the sender or were not expecting the attachment, save it first then scan it with your antivirus program.
  6. Do not do your confidential computing (banking; grades; etc.) in an insecure area (coffee shop, airport, etc.)
  7. Always make sure you're using https:// when doing confidential computing! The "s" means "secure."