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About STAT Program

The STAT program (Student Technology Assistance Team) exists to employ tech-savvy students in the CMC Information Technology Services department. STAT employees staff the computer labs, provide on-site tech support to the dorms, set up A/V equipment, edit video, and more.

Residential Technology Assistants (RTAs)

These ITS employees are students living in your dorms. They exist only to make your life easier, and they are equipped to handle any situation. Whether you need to set up your email, or if your word document just "disappeared," or even if you need help upgrading your computer, these individuals will be happy to lend a hand. Just give them a call or drop them a line. Anytime, day or night.


  • ITA: Instructional Technology Assistant
  • LTA: Lab Technology Assistant
  • MTA: Media Technology Assistant
  • RTA: Residential Technology Assistant
  • STA: Support Technology Assistant

For full job descriptions, go to our Job Descriptions page.

Application And Hiring Info

We do not hire students year-round for STAT jobs. The primary hiring season takes place around the month of April, beginning with the RTA application process. This is the only time of the year that we hire RTAs as RTAs need to be able to serve for the full year, beginning to end. After RTA hiring is complete we open the application process for other xTA positions for the coming year. Applications may be found and submitted at Poppa Lab. We also may hire students for non-RTA positions at the beginning of each semester as need dictates.

For more information:
Information Technology Services
(909) 607-0911 - Help Desk