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Job Descriptions

xTA Subdivision



Instructional Technology Assistant (ITA)

  • Work regular shifts in Roberts South 12.
  • Provide digitizing services for Faculty - scanning documents, slides, images, etc.
  • Media Conversion - MP3, Streaming Video, MPEG-4, WMV, QuickTime.
  • Edit Audio and Video Content.
  • Media Transfer - Copying CD's, DVD's, VHS, etc.
  • Assist faculty with CMC Courseware packages.

STAT Camp is required - see STAT Camp description

GPA of 8 or higher

Resident Technology Assistant (RTA)

  • Deliver standard service and support within assigned Residence Hall, on a by-appointment basis.
  • Conduct emergency support and service calls as needed.
  • Virus-scan serviced machines.
  • Squelch virus outbreaks detected by ITS personal.
  • Track service patterns.
  • Share workload across Residence Halls as necessary.
  • Enforce ITS campus policies in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office.
  • Act as liaison between ITS and the student body at large.
  • Participate as full members in New Student Orientation.

STAT Camp is required - see STAT Camp description.

GPA of 8 or higher

Media Technology Assistant (MTA)

  • Work regularly scheduled office shift.
  • Schedule audio/visual equipment setup.
  • Log equipment setup and return.
  • Conduct audio/video training and troubleshooting.
  • Assist with video- and teleconferencing.
  • Perform minor repairs and maintenance of audio/video equipment.
  • Conduct minor troubleshooting of classroom multimedia controls.
  • Troubleshoot minor control system problems.

STAT Camp is required - see STAT Camp description.

GPA of 8 or higher

Lab Technology Assistant (LTA)

  • Work regular shifts in CMC's computer labs.
  • Provide customer service and application support for lab users.
  • Maintain computer labs as an orderly and functioning work environment.
  • Enforce ITS lab policies.
  • Present CMC's computer labs to VSAC tours.
  • Teach student workshops and coaching sessions as called upon.

STAT Camp is required - see STAT Camp description.

GPA of 6 or higher

General Office Assistant (OTA)

  • Assist department clerical staff with daily office operations.
  • Clerical duties such as emailing, handling, filing, sorting, data entry
  • Greeting visitors and handling phone calls
  • Reports directly to ITS Business Manager

Competency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Able to independently multi-task

For more information:
Student Technology Services
(909) 607-4547 - Micheal Malsed - Assistant Director for Student Technology Services