Fletcher Jones Student Peer to Peer Technology Training Program

  1. Who is eligible to participate in the Fletcher Jones workshops?

The Fletcher Jones Peer to Peer Training Consultant program is open to all CMC Resident Technology Assistants, Laboratory Technical Assistants, Instructional Technology Assistants, and Media Technology Assistants. Students who are seniors, or those who plan to study abroad can choose not to participate in the program.

  1. I am already a Fletcher Jones Consultant. May I still participate?

Yes, you may repeat classes as a refresher. You may also attend any of the new classes offered.

  1. Where can I find out about workshops that are being offered during the fall/spring semester?

You can find detailed information about Fletcher Jones workshops offered during the fall and spring semesters through our online website: http://its.claremontmckenna.edu/TeachingTechnology/fletcherjones/fjworkshops.asp

You can also contact Ben Royas at broyas@cmc.edu or Melissa Zhuo at mzhuo@cmc.edu.

  1. How do I sign up for a workshop?

Fill out the form located at: http://its.claremontmckenna.edu/TeachingTechnology/fletcherjones/fjworkshops.asp

When finished, please email the form to broyas@cmc.edu or mzhuo@cmc.edu or drop it off at RS12.

  1. Where are the workshops held?

Workshops are usually held in the Fletcher Jones Technology Classroom (RN12), located on the lower level of the Roberts North building. Workshops may also be held in the Bauer Video Studio, the Bauer Technology Classroom (B22), the Writing Center, or other locations that best accommodate the workshop.

  1. Is there any limit to the number of workshops that I can attend?

There is no limit to the amount of workshops you can attend.

  1. Will I be paid for attending workshops, if so how much?

You will always be paid for attending workshops.

All TAs (including those that are Fletcher Jones Technology Consultants) will be paid their regular hourly rate for attending any workshop.

  1. Do I get a raise for qualifying as a Fletcher Jones Consultant?

To qualify for the first level raise you must be part of the STAT program and attend all core workshops. If you meet the requirements/conditions of the program, you will be awarded a .50/hour raise for the remaining life of the grant.

To qualify for the second level raise you must have already obtained the first level raise. You must also attend at least three additional non-core workshops. Upon completion, you will be awarded a second level raise of an additional .50/hour.

  1. How are Fletcher Jones raises paid?

Your raise will be paid in a lump sum at the end of each semester. Your total number of hours worked will be multiplied by .50 or $1.00.

  1. If I have ideas for a workshop topic or if I want to be a workshop instructor, who do I contact?

Please contact Ben Royas (broyas@cmc.edu) or Melissa Zhuo (mzhuo@cmc.edu).

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