Fletcher Jones Grant

Implementing the Grant
Over the course of the next two years, we intend to develop a cadre of Fletcher Jones Technology Consultants. These trained student FITness consultants will be assigned to work closely with faculty members who are incorporating FITness goals into their classes. These consultants will learn how technology is used in the class, and will support students in the curriculum-wide FITness goals as they pertain to specific course needs. The consultants will provide on-demand personalized instruction to students in our three computer laboratories and in the Fletcher Jones Technology Classroom. Further, much of the instruction will take place outside of the traditional classroom, given the limited hours available. Our computer laboratories are open much of the day and two are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Second, we intend to offer students opportunities to attend workshops that meet their schedules on specific skills sets associated with FITness. We will offer workshops on demand. Working in conjunction with the Teaching Resource Center, Fletcher Jones Technology Consultants will schedule a workshop with students whenever three such students are available. The students may request workshops on any aspect of our seven FITness goals. To prepare our consultants to meet this challenge, we propose to develop a comprehensive technology advanced training camp. These extensive training modules will prepare the consultants to work effectively with faculty and ready them to provide instruction to students in any of the FITness goals.

Third, to assist all CMC students in becoming adequately prepared with regard to each of the FITness goals, we will create a FITness Course Matrix, indicating the FITness expectations of each professor. This matrix will be published on our website and updated regularly as courses are modified.

Fourth, the Teaching Resource Center, working with faculty and Fletcher Jones Technology Consultants, will create a series of Online Study Guides for each of our seven FITness goals. These will include subjects such as the use of databases, technology assisted presentations, spreadsheets, word processing, email, and the Internet.

Finally, we will impanel a faculty/staff/student FITness Peer to Peer Training Committee to oversee the Fletcher Jones grant and to evaluate our progress. This Committee will be assisted by seeking guidance from external consultants, who will work with us at retreats.

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