Research Links

  • The State Department
    The diplomatic arm of the United States, official documents and speeches can often be found on their site.
  • The United Nations
    World body of member nations that attempts to mitigate international disputes and create international agreements.
  • CIA
    The intelligence arm of the US government.
  • FBIS
    Foreign Broadcast Information Service, CIA operated service that translates all news sources around the world.(access through Claremont Libraries only)
  • CIA World Factbook
    Provides "snapshot" images of countries.
  • IISS
    International Institute of Strategic Studies, London based think tank known for its analysis of world trends.
  • CSIS
    Centers for Strategic and International Studies, Washington based think tank similar in scope to IISS.
  • The Heritage Foundation
    Washington based think tank that provides foreign policy analysis from a conservative viewpoint.
  • The Brookings Institution
    Washington-based think tank that supplies extensive information on foreign policy.
  • The Hoover Institution
    Stanford based think tank known for foreign policy analysis.
    Internet company that does independent analysis of IR events.
  • Yahoo! IR Links
    A plethora of other IR related links.
  • Web Sites for International Relations Majors