Jacek Dehnel

Jacek Dehnel

Photo Courtesy of Piotr Sunderland

Jacek Dehnel was born in 1980 in Gdansk, Poland. He graduated from the Polish Language and Literature faculty at the Interfacultative Individual Studies College, University of Warsaw. He is the author of six books of poems, two collections of short stories, Kolekcja (1999) and Rynek w Smyrnie (2007), a cycle of four mini-novels, Balzakiana (2008), a collection of 100 short prose pieces about old photos, Fotoplastikon (2009), and two novels, Lala (2006) and Saturn (2011). Dehnel has been published in many literary magazines both in Poland and abroad; his works have been translated into German, English, Hebrew, Italian, French, Hungarian and other languages. Dehnel is also a columnist for Wirtualna Polska and Polityka magazine. He has translated a number of poets, among them Philip Larkin, Karlis Verdins, George Szirtes, and Carl Sandburg, and is both a painter and drafter. Dehnel has received numerous prizes in poetry and prose competition, including The Koscielski Foundation Literary Award in 2005 and Paszport Polityki for the year 2006, and has been nominated for Angelus (2007) and Nike (2009 and 2010) awards.  


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