Comedian Russell Peters Performing at Bridges: April 17

Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, March 3 to students of The Claremont Colleges to see stand-up comedian and actor Russell Peters at Bridges Auditorium. Peters, named by Forbes magazine as one of 2009's top-10 earning comedians in the United States, will perform at 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 17. His visit is sponsored by The Claremont Colleges.
Peters is an Anglo-Indian Canadian who attributes his comedy to his unique background. One of his comedy routines includes a stab at his Indian accent, saying that, "We know it's not the coolest accent in the world." Although he may not be crazy about his own, Peters says that he loves talking in other accents. "Sometimes I get stuck in a Chinese accent and just want to talk to everybody like a Chinese person," Peters jokes. "Sometimes I might even just talk like myself, but that's on a crazy day."
Peters has a distinctly earnest sense of humor, comparing his honesty to that of "an old person or a kid." He is credited with having a talent for finding the overlooked but hilarious tidbits relatable to daily life, most especially those highlighting human shortcomings. His DVD and CD, Outsourced, released in 2006, has gone Platinum 11 times in Canada. More recently, Peters came out with Russell Peters: Red, White, and Brown in February 2008.
Among his achievements, Peters has received four Gemini nominationsthe Canadian equivalent of the Emmys. He has been featured in many festivals across the globe including Montreal's Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, HBO's Aspen Comedy Festival, and the Edinburgh (Scotland) Comedy Festival.
In February 2004 he appeared on The Comedy Network's Comedy Now! Special, which since has become one of the network's most popular shows of all time. Forbes magazine named Peters one of 2009's top-10 earning comedians in the United States, along with big names such as Dane Cook, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry the Cable Guy.
Peters was the first performer ever to sell-out Toronto's Air Canada Centre, performing for more than 30,000 fans over the course of two nights. On a recent tour in Dubai, tickets to see the comedian sold at a rate of one ticket every two seconds. He also is one of just a handful of comedians to have sell-out all 20,000 seats at the world-famous Madison Square Garden.
CMC Assistant Dean of Students Jim Nauls says Peters has been on his entertainment radar for quite a while. He thought Peters would be a great performance because, "He is a really funny guy. He's internationally known and is very popular with college students."
Tickets will go on sale the morning of Wednesday, March 3 for $20 for all 5-C students and will become available to the general public on Friday, March 12 for $40.
Tickets may also be purchased online at Ticketmaster, or through the Bridges Box Office. Brittany Pineros '11 and Kelsey Brown 13