Behind the Scenes: CMC's Moral Emotions and Trust Lab

What effect does a person's emotional state have on moral behavior or judgment and decisions? Student research assistants at the MEATLab are finding out how relevant this under-studied field can be in such areas as politics and religion.

The College’s Moral Emotions and Trust Lab is led by Assistant Professor of Psychology Piercarlo Valdesolo. Half a dozen students work closely with Valdesolo weekly, coming up with ideas for cutting-edge research projects, running studies, analyzing results, and presenting their findings.

"We get to engage every step of the way and put our work out there,” says RA Isabela Osthoff-Magalhaes '14. On the flip side, says Valdesolo, "We [faculty] get to interact with these very smart and talented students without whom we wouldn’t be able to do our research."