Montana Attorney General Stephen Bullock '88 Visits CMC

Montana Attorney General Stephen Bullock '88 will visit CMC's campus on Monday, Oct. 5 for a lunchtime discussion at the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum on the topic of, "Can a Single Lawyer Make a Difference? The State Attorney General's Role in Human Rights and Social Change."

Bullock won the office of Attorney General of Montana last November following a hard-fought campaign built on a platform of child safety, ensuring recreational of public lands and waters, and cracking down on prescription drug abuse.

"I began [the] campaign talking about what kind of state and community we wanted to share, what we could do to make sure my kids, and all Montana's kids, are afforded every opportunity that I had growing up, " said Bullock, who emerged the victor with 52 percent of the vote--a margin of nearly 20,000 votes.

His strong commitment to his state has earned him the endorsement of the Montana Conservation Voters, Law Enforcement statewide, organized labor as well as the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Commission. As an intense human rights advocate he has supported the development of a Children's Justice Center and dedicated prosecutors whose distinct duty are human rights cases.

From 2001-2004, Bullock practiced law with the Washington, D.C., firm of Steptoe & Johnson. He has case management and trial experience in matters involving disputes from $500,000 to $50-plus million. Early in his career, he practiced law in New York City.

Bullock's undergraduate education at Claremont McKenna prepared him for his studies at Columbia University Law School, where he received his law degree with honors. He has practiced law in New York City; Washington, DC; and Helena, Montana. He began his public service career in 1996 when he served as Chief Legal Counsel to the Montana Secretary of State. Since then, he has held several positions with the Montana Department of Justice, and he became Attorney General for Montana on Jan. 5, 2009.

His visit to CMC is sponsored by The Center for Human Rights Leadership.