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CMC Travel Policy
February 14, 2013

Information for Faculty or Staff Travel

Student International Travel Policy:

The purpose of this memo is to remind and update all CMC faculty and staff of CMC procedures for CMC-sponsored international study and travel. With the proliferation of international trips, courses, and programs, this memo serves as a review of the college’s safety policies and guidelines for international study and travel. These policies apply to all sponsoring departments, faculty, institutes, and offices that oversee student travel.

This memo refers specifically to international travel. For information and guidelines for domestic travel (within the United States), please contact the Dean of Students Office.

As used in this memo, the term “CMC-sponsored” refers to the following activities that are organized, funded, and/or hosted by CMC departments, faculty, institutes, and/or offices: group or class trips, summer internships, study tours, off-campus courses and programs, athletic events, academic events, extracurricular events, and conferences.

The following procedures and policies for CMC-sponsored international study and travel have been approved by the offices of the Dean of Faculty, the Dean of Students, and the General Counsel. These regulations only apply to student travel, and do not apply to faculty or staff travel unless accompanying students on a trip.

The sponsoring department, faculty, institute, or office is responsible for ensuring that sponsored travel meets CMC’s policies. Additionally, the faculty-led Off-Campus Study Committee will give final approval for international travel destinations based upon the approved travel policy (attached). Please remember that CMC does not authorize student travel to destinations with a current Travel Warning.

It is the sponsoring department, faculty, institute, or office’s responsibility to identify an individual within the department to serve as the primary emergency contact for sponsored students abroad. The sponsoring organization at CMC is also responsible for distributing and collecting all required forms for students participating in sponsored travel and providing copies to the Center for Global Education.

Please follow these procedures:

1. The sponsoring or approving department, faculty, institute or office must send the following information to Kristen Mallory (, Director, Off-Campus Study, and Mary Spellman (, Dean of Students:

  • Name of sponsoring department, faculty, institute or office.
  • Name(s) of participant(s) and destination(s).
  • Date(s) of travel.
  • Primary international contact information for this student/group/event, including name, email, and telephone number.
  • Contact information (daytime and after-hours; name and telephone numbers) for the faculty or administrator of the sponsoring CMC center/department/institute/office who would serve as CMC’s emergency contact and coordinator in case of an emergency (including evacuation, medical, or other) for student(s) on proposed funded program.
  • Alternate after-hours emergency contact information including name and telephone number.

Dean Spellman will notify the sponsoring organization of any relevant DOS issues as they may relate to individual students.

2. The CMC-sponsoring organization must ensure that each student is entered in CMC’s online Travel Registration database at prior to departure. The sponsoring organization should also ensure that all students have registered their travel with the U.S. Department of State (or with the student’s home country embassy, for international students):

3. In addition to any forms required by the sponsoring department, faculty, institute, or office, sponsors must have students complete the following forms (attached and available through the Center for Global Education website: Sponsors should keep the originals and submit one copy to the Center for Global Education prior to departure:

a. Assumption of Risk, General Release, and Indemnity Agreement (releasing CMC from liability)

b. Student Health Insurance Form (to be completed by policyholder, usually the parent)

c. Emergency Contact Information Form

d. Short Term International Emergency Health Insurance (iNext)

  • Students sponsored for international travel lasting less than four (4) weeks are required to purchase the Basic insurance policy. Students may upgrade as they wish.
  • Students sponsored for international travel lasting four (4) weeks or more are required to purchase the Platinum insurance policy.

e. Print Screen of the Travel Registration database information input (

4. Funds may not be disbursed and credit will not be approved until the Center for Global Education receives items a-e. Upon receipt, a staff member of the Center for Global Education will notify the sponsoring department, faculty, institute, or office and Student Accounts and/or the Registrar that funds can be disbursed and/or that credit can be approved.

The Center for Global Education provides pre-departure, cross-culture, and safety meetings, and training for CMC staff and organization regarding independent international travel. Please contact the Center for Global Education at (909) 621-8267 for more information.

The above-mentioned forms, numerous international resources, and student health insurance policy information may be found on the Center for Global Education website: as well as the other links listed below.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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