S. Andrew Schroeder

Imperfect Duties
The syllabus I used for an undergraduate seminar

Rawls and Maximin
An attempt to explain what might lead agents to choose maximin, and not the principle of average utility, from behind the veil of ignorance.

A long handout summarizing some recent work on the apparent puzzle of reconciling the existence of altruism with the theory of evolution by natural selection.

What is Health?
A set of slides I use to introduce some philosophical issues in the philosophy of medicine.

Deductive Arguments
Just about every teacher of philosophy creates one of these. I didn't want to feel left out.


Since I teach at a small liberal arts college, it probably won't surprise you to learn that teaching is very important to me. I was especially honored to be recognized by CMC's student body after my first year of teaching. I'm also very excited about chances to work outside of the usual classroom environment, at events like this and for programs like this and this. Someday, I hope to make better use of this page. In the meantime, though, to the left you can find a few course handouts that may be of some interest. Feel free to use them for any non-commercial purposes, but please drop me a line if you plan to use them in your own courses.


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