Catherine L. Reed                         


Research: Embodied Perception, Attention, Cognition & Emotion

Our ability to recognize people we know, understand the intent of their actions, and interact successfully with the environment relies on our ability to quickly understand the body positions of others relative to the current positions of our own bodies. To interpret others’ actions and emotions, we do not just evaluate visual inputs, we also use our own bodies and experiences.
The goal of my research is to understand the role that the body plays in directing our perception and cognition. To develop a unified understanding of how we represent the human body and its actions, I and members of my lab examine the relation between brain function and action using the tools of cognitive psychology, cognitive neuropsychology, and functional neuroimaging (EEG).  Our studies address questions such as these:
  • How do we perceive the body postures of ourselves and others?
  • How does body position and direction influence attention to specific regions of space?
  • How do our actions and experiences affect object recognition and emotional processing?
  • How do visual, somatosensory, and action systems interact in the brain to permit functional actions?

Please see my Cognitive Neuroscience Lab page for a more complete description.