Catherine L. Reed                         



Teaching Goals and Philosophy:

  • To cultivate critical thinking -- particularly the ability to examine one’s own assumptions. 

  • To cultivate creative thinking -- science and education are wonderfully complicated and complex. 

  • To increase awareness that science and psychology are alive and ever changing – science requires a passionate intellect to engage difficult and complex questions

  • To increase awareness that a good question is far more valuable to the advancement of knowledge than an easy answer. 

  • Students learn better when they are active participants in the learning process and when they are encouraged to share their viewpoints. 

  • Diversity of opinions are respected and viewed as invaluable to the learning process. 

Teaching Strategies:

  • Interactive lectures

  • Group activities

  • Teaching technology (e.g., on-line brain atlases, creating group projects on Sakai). 

  • Writing assignments and tests that stress course content, writing ability, critical analysis of class material, & creative thinking. 

Commonly Taught Courses:

  • Introduction to Psychology (Psy 030)

  • Cognitive Neuroscience/Neuropsycholoyg (Psy 096)

  • Controversial Issues in Cognitive Neuroscience (Psy 135)