Welcome to Guangliang's webpage

Guangliang Chen, Ph.D.

GChenDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science

Claremont McKenna College

850 Columbia Avenue,

Claremont, California 91711


Office: 211 Adams Hall

Phone: (909) 607-8526

Fax: (909) 621-8419

Email: gchen@cmc.edu


Curriculum Vitae [PDF]



I am teaching the following courses at Claremont McKenna this fall.

Ø  MATH 31: Calculus II [Syllabus, Homework]

Ø  MATH 52: Intro. to Stats [Syllabus, Homework]

More information is available at the Sakai course site.

My office hours are

ü  1-2pm Monday,

ü  2:30-3:30pm Wednesday, and

ü  3-5pm Friday.

I am also available by appointment (see my weekly schedule here).


I work on sparse coding, data-dependent dictionary learning, and subspace clustering.

My publications can be found here (will move them to this page soon).

Some of the past research projects are documented here.

New Logo_2010About myself: I was born in China Anhui Province and attended college in the capital city, Hefei. Upon graduation, I came to the United States for graduate studies. I got my PhD in math from the University of Minnesota, and then spent four years at Duke University as a Visiting Assistant Professor. I moved to Claremont McKenna College in July 2013, under the same title. I have been very excited about the liberal arts environment at Claremont McKenna, and look forward to the year ahead. 

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