President's Office

Senior Staff of Claremont McKenna College

Hiram E. Chodosh
President and Chief Executive Officer

Cheryl M. Aguilar
Special Assistant to the President

Robin J. Aspinall
Vice President for Business and Administration & Treasurer

Max Benavidez
Associate Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications

Matthew G. Bibbens '92
Vice President for Administration and Planning, General Counsel, and Secretary of the College

Georgette R. DeVeres
Associate Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

John P. Faranda '79
Vice President and Ambassador-at-Large

James J. Floyd
Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Jefferson Huang
Vice President for Student Affairs, Admission and Financial Aid and Acting Dean of Students

Cynthia A. Humes P'15
Associate Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Ronald Riggio P'10
Associate Dean of the Faculty

Lee Skinner
Associate Dean of the Faculty

Michael Sutton '76
Athletic Director

Peter Uvin
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty