The Robert Day School Master's Program in Finance is unlike any other program. In fact, it's different by design: from the students we recruit, to our accelerated cohort curriculum, to our rich co-curricular program. We are also unique and fortunate in that we have very generous funding for merit-based scholarships.

We are unlike traditional business schools, which are typically geared toward preparing students with skills such as management, basic finance, and marketing. Our program is populated by students we feel already possess a strong leadership proclivity and is geared toward imbuing them with a much more complex and sophisticated understanding of finance and economics.

Like other top graduate finance programs, our program focuses on rigorous quantitative and analytical work. However, whereas graduate finance programs often fall short in ensuring that their graduates are also strong communicators and leaders, we have built these elements into the admission criteria and co-curricular programming. The result is that our graduates are able not only to understand complex financial concepts, but also to explain those concepts effectively to others.

Ultimately, what differentiates us from other programs is that we do not seek to produce classes of managers and financial modelers. Instead, we are committed to discovering tomorrow's business leaders and best preparing them with a host of skills essential to success in today's world.