The Robert Day School of Economics and Finance


Antecol, Heather
Boswell Professor of Economics
Arndt, Sven W.
Charles M. Stone Professor of Money, Credit and Trade
Ascher, William L.
Donald C. McKenna Professor of Government and Economics
Batta, George
Assistant Professor of Economics (Accounting)
Binay, Murat
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
Bird, Graham
Visiting Professor of Economics (P/T)
Bjerk, David
Russell S. Bock Associate Professor of Public Economics
Burdekin, Richard C.K.
Jonathon B. Lovelace Professor of Economics
Evans, Mary F.
Mitchell Family Associate Professor of Environmental Economics
Fernholz, Ricardo
Assistant Professor of Economics
Filson, Darren
Associate Professor of Economics; Director of Graduate Programs
Flory, Jeffrey
Assistant Professor
Ganguly, Ananda
Morcos Massoud Associate Professor of Accounting; George R. Roberts Fellow
Helland, Eric
William F. Podlich Professor of Economics and George R. Roberts Fellow
Hughson, Eric
Don and Lorraine Freeberg Professor of Finance and Economics; Chair of the Faculty, Robert Day School of Economics and Finance; Associate Director of the Financial Economics Institute
Keil, Manfred
Associate Professor of Economics
Magilke, Matthew
Associate Professor of Economics (Accounting)
Massoud, Marc
Robert A. Day Distinguished Professor of Accounting; Director of the Accounting Program
Meulbroek, Lisa
Fritz B. Burns Professor of Financial Economics; Director of the Financial Economics Institute
Ozbeklik, I. Serkan
Associate Professor of Economics
Raviv, Yaron
Associate Professor of Economics
Rosett, Joshua
Curb Family Associate Professor of Business and Law; George R. Roberts Fellow
Shelton, Cameron
Associate Professor of Economics
Smith, Janet
Von Tobel Professor of Economics
Taylor, James D.
Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Oana Tocoian
Tocoian, Oana
Assistant Professor of Economics
Warachka, Mitch
Associate Professor
Weidenmier, Marc
William F. Podlich Professor of Economics; George R. Roberts Fellow and Director of the Lowe Institute
Willett, Thomas
Horton Professor of Economics (Joint appointment with CGU)
Wright, Colin
Norwood & Frances Berger Professorship of Business and Society
Yoon, Jungmo
Assistant Professor of Economics
Yu, Fan
Gordon C. Bjork Professor of Financial Economics and George R. Roberts Fellow

Visiting and Adjunct Professors

Aksoy, Ercument
Visiting Lecturer of Economics

Bergevin, Peter
Visiting Professor of Economics (Accounting) (P/T)

Martin, Timothy
Visiting Lecturer of Accounting (P/T)

McEachern, Doug
Visiting Lecturer of Accounting (P/T)

Olfati, Saman
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Woods, William
Visiting Lecturer of Economics (Accounting) (P/T)