Discovered Opportunities, by Christian Mkpado

I thought I knew the career path that I wanted to pursue before I came to Silicon Valley. The tech industry, for some reason, never seems to be in the discussion at CMC where the careers of choice overwhelmingly favor glamorous careers such as banking and consulting. In fact, I was so focused on Finance that I almost took a job at a bank and passed on the opportunity to work at Google. Luckily, I ended up at the latter, an amazing tech company that gives me the ability to explore numerous opportunities and gain insight into products that can change the world.

There are a few things that can be done to maximize the benefit of the Silicon Valley experience but few are more important than educating yourself on the opportunities available in the tech industry. It does not take a Engineering degree or a Computer Science degree to work in the tech industry as many would believe. There are a plethora of opportunities that require no tech degrees.

Some of the most important and most informative discussions I have had involved the potential career opportunities available in tech. Just the fact that I am aware of these opportunities will help me when I come to a final decision on what career path I want to pursue.

Unfortunately, my time at CMC is slowly coming full circle and I will have to leave one of the most fun, exiting and insightful places that I have had the opportunity to experience. Fortunately, Silicon Valley has allowed me to explore an industry that is laid back and less stressful that many other high powered careers, yet also happens to be the most innovative and adaptable industries in the world. I have already made plans to return over the summer and plan on pursuing a career in the area. Exploring Silicon Valley has made leaving CMC much less of a drastic change than expected.

Christian Mkpado Claremont McKenna
Class of 2015