In with the New

The first semester of the Claremont Colleges’ Silicon Valley Program (SVP) ended mid-December with a whirlwind of activity.  The interns’ long hours at work, careful analysis of cases, and thoughtful preparation of papers and presentations gave way to the satisfaction of a job well done for the students.  I could tell twenty stories of success from last semester, but one key indicator is the number of “alumni” who now want to help spread the word about the Silicon Valley Program.

Here we are at the start of February – the start of semester two.  This new group of eleven students from three colleges (Pomona, Scripps, and CMC) has a fresh perspective on our new program.  We are experimenting with having a group live in San Francisco—far closer to their internships—while the rest live in Mountain View.  Spring semester also affords more time for a break from course work mid-semester.

What will this group think of the SVP?  How will their perspectives on work and learning change over the next few months?  What stories will they tell?

Read on!

Steve Siegel CMC’87
Director, Silicon Valley Program