Introducing the Fall 2013 Interns

Silicon Valley, watch out!  The third semester of Silicon Valley Program interns have been selected.  They arrive at the beginning of September 2013, and are working away on securing their internship placement for Fall.  So, if one of these bright students contacts you, answer the email or pick up the phone.  You'll enjoy meeting them.

Fall 2013 Silicon Valley Program Interns
Fall 2013 Silicon Valley Program Interns
Next semester, all of the students are Claremont McKenna College students.  We have six women and eight men.  Two sophomores and twelve juniors.  All-in-all, fourteen enthusiastic students.


Another change for the 2013-2014 academic year is that Professor Manfred Keil will be teaching a new course designed especially for the SVP.  ECON 123 CM is titled "Applied Quantitative Methods," and will be a step between statistics and econometrics, incorporating live corporate data sets from some of the companies who have hosted students in the past.

Professor Keil will join Professor Darren Filson, who will teach ECON 165 CM: "Industrial Organization" again for a second year.

We bid farewell to Visiting Professor Constance Rossum, who taught Marketing and Innovation, inviting leaders from the companies featured in the cases we studied.

Who's who? Back Row: Lauren Henderson, Christian Hoxsie, Christian Mkpado, Palin Liu, Michelle Goodwin, and Paul Perrone.  Front Row: Ji Young Huh, Michael Elhardt, Kenny Cunanan, Michael Cornell, Tianxiao Ye, Danmai Xiang, Nikki Yea, and Keerthana Nunna.