It Feels Like it was Just Yesterday, by Mayowa Ige

Although it has been exactly four months since I first stepped foot into our lovely Mountain View apartment, it feels like it was just yesterday.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I accepted my offer of employment at Equinix.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I met the most energetic African born, Australian raised, James Bond look-alike, dedicated swimmer, chocolate-lover that would soon be my boss.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I got lost trying to find that really good Chinese restaurant (Hong Kong Bistro) in downtown Mountain View five minutes away from our apartment.

It feels like it was just yesterday I started my first day of work, greeted with a laptop, coffee, and the view of a beautiful lagoon.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I met my three roommates, singing (err, screeching) “Mister Illll make a man out of youuuu!” That’s Mulan for all you non-Disney singers.

This semester has flown by so quickly, and I write to you as I calmly eat my Snickers bar.

In all honesty, participating in the Silicon Valley spring semester has been by far the best thing that I have had the pleasure of experiencing as a sophomore. From the first info session Steve held on Pomona’s campus, to the SVP interview, to fine-tuning and sending out my resume to different companies, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience that has allowed me to mature in so many different ways.

In terms of working at Equinix, it is an interesting oxymoron. Equinix is difficult to decipher. Let me explain: Equinix is a data center company that pretty much stores the internet data of – and facilitates transactions between – other companies. Think of a company like Amazon. They thrive off online sales, and thus their internet data is unbelievably important to them, so they utilize a company like Equinix to keep these internet data safe and secure in many different locations. So on the outside, it looks like a typical “Corporate America” setting, but on the inside, it’s a different story.

As for the people, Equinix is the best. Period. The team that I worked with this semester is fantastic! Everybody is diverse (and old), but they are honestly young at heart. My boss knows almost all the acronyms/songs that we “young folks” use these days. I was surprised to find him singing “Get Lucky” by Pharell and Daft Punk (like I don’t even know the lyrics to the song!) So, even though many of my peers were working in the typical start-up companies with a younger employee demographic, I honestly felt at home at Equinix.

Cool fact: my boss and I have a thing for chocolate. We’ll take a Snickers break on occasion, but we prefer the finer German chocolate! So after every lunch (5 days a week), we would split imported German milk chocolate with hazelnut! If you ever get to work here, just eat the chocolate. It’s the best you’ll ever have. Trust me. Thankfully, I will be working for Equinix through the summer, so our chocolate lunches shall continue!

I have met some great people in Silicon Valley. Yes, you might get overwhelmed with classes and work, but make sure you really tap into your people resources. I took my bosses to lunch on occasion (bring some good German chocolate, too), and just asked them some simple life questions, getting to know their story. I was lucky in the sense that my boss was very open with me, and his insights definitely helped me clear up some gray areas that I was feeling between choosing a path that balances my passion but also help me reach my goals in life. Talking to mature adults really help you put things in perspective.

Overall, I have felt like a sponge this semester. I started off new, fresh and shrunken, and now, I have absorbed so much knowledge and experiences that have made me grow immensely. (Ok that was kinda a weird example but you get the point).

Non- CMC students: don’t be scared. Apply to the best semester of your life, and never look back!

It feels like I started this journey yesterday, and I am proud of myself for taking the risk to apply because I’m happy (clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…)

With that, I leave you with The Sound of Music!

So long, farewell, I hate to go and leave this pretty blog
But I must go to work tomorrow
Goodbyeeeee, goooodbyeee, ggggoooooooddddbbbbyyyyeeeeeeeeee!

Much love, singing, and chocolate,
Mayowa Ige
Economics Major
Pomona College ’16

PS: There is always a dessert on Saturdays. If they don’t give you sugar, don’t go back to class! But really, those are yummy, so EAT THEM!