Not the Work Itself, but the People, by Nicole Yicong Lin

I don’t know if it’s too early to say this: Equinix is AWESOME!

Equinix’s headquarter (my SVP internship home-away-from home) is like a delicate glass box floating on the water. Looking through the window, you can see a huge lake, surrounded by cherry blossom trees and willows. Seagulls and ducks can be seen everywhere. As our colleagues told us, there used to be an aquarium. You can imagine how beautiful this place is.

After participating in many information sessions presented by different groups, we decided what we want to do in the first month. For me, I am spending half of my time on Equinix Intranet and half of the time on marketplace platform. So I am kind of commuting back and forth between headquarters in Redwood City and another office in Sunnyvale.

As an Econ-accounting student who maintains a dream of becoming a fashion designer, I fell in love with my first job—intranet. Equinix is trying to move everything from the old intranet to the new one, I am helping them design the new web page to make it more user-friendly and good-looking. This job requires us to be super detail-oriented. Sometimes, it takes us an hour to discuss where we should put a certain text field. Unlike my first job, which doesn’t require so much background knowledge, my second role is more technical—writing functional descriptions for developers of the company’s Partner Central Platform. This is definitely a learning process. I searched on the SharePoint and studied the previous story features and story lines. Put it in a nutshell: I am trying to help developers understand what functionalities potential users need.

Now let’s talk about Equinix People. After interning in Equinix for almost three weeks, I feel that I am so spoiled by Equinix people. Our supervisor took us to Hot Pot to celebrate Chinese New Year because he didn’t want me to be homesick. In order to optimize our experience here, they organized many presentations for us to get more information of what they are working on. Additionally, they do trust us and help us to complete important assignments. I am involved in all the meetings either in person or by phone and I can see my value in this whole process.

I used to think of Silicon Valley as a place full of geeks—no offense—and that I would never like it here. I am totally changed after coming here. In fact, these smart people make a real impact on our daily lives, and they create a unique working environment here in the Valley.

It is not the work itself makes you love this place, but the people you are working with. I am enjoying this experience so much.

P.S. Happy Valentines’ Day!

Nicole Yicong Lin
Intern, Equinix
Claremont McKenna College
Class of 2016