Real Life, by Sarah Chung

At this point, we’re approaching the end of week 2 on our internships and I’ve had the honor of writing the first blog post of our semester. It’s already been a wild ride and seems like I’ve been here for years considering all that I’ve accomplished at Samsung so far.

My Silicon Valley Program experience didn’t start out the way I’d imagined.

When I arrived in San Francisco—full of eager anticipation and at the last stages of my internship search—I was robbed of everything. This experience taught me that life can sometimes give you some really sour lemons and knock you back, making me want to crawl back to the love-filled sanctuary we know as the Claremont Bubble. Yet, somehow, I was able to find the strength within to not let circumstances dictate my life.
Although the hard skills we learn on the internship that let us analyze business trends, conduct market research or develop business strategies are valuable for our career goals, I think that what we gain from the experiences that allow us to better understand the world—and more importantly, ourselves—is at the heart of the value of an internship experience.

Speaking of life skills, I made some spicy seafood Korean tofu soup that brought the house down last night. I naturally sent a picture to my parents, who were pleased to see that there’s still hope for me to be the domesticated Korean housewife I’ve always wanted to be when I grow up*.

I hope life’s treating you well, dear Reader. You can write to me for my recipe if you think you can handle not just “spicy” but “Korean spicy”.

You can never predict what life has in store for you, and the skills you develop from being on your own in the “real life” are invaluable traits that neither the workplace nor Claremont can teach you.

*=insert sarcasm here

Sarah Chung
Intern, Samsung
Scripps College
Class of 2015