Silicon Valley - Tech and Sports, by Michelle Goodwin

Silicon Valley... high tech and high energy. I am officially half way through the program here in Silicon Valley and I think I am really living off of residual sleep and free food. Working in the legal department of a South San Francisco tech company has its perks. I have been inducted into the “pranking crew” at SuccessFactors and had the pleasure of bringing home over 3 pounds of mashed potatoes to the apartments in Mountain View.

All of those perks cannot beat the chances I have to get involved in the Bay Area community in general. I have always been a huge sports fan, specifically football. Being back in the Bay has reminded me of just how much of a sports center this place is. Two football teams, two baseball teams, a basketball team, a hockey team, and a soccer team, not to even start on college sports. I could not be more set for sports or any happier about it. While working 40 hour weeks, 10 hours of commuting, 6 hours of class, and hours of studying have been great, I have had the chance to add to that time commitment by working for the San Francisco 49ers.

I work for the 49ers on game days and on some of the events they plan. I have had the honor of interviewing Y.A. Tittle, Russ Francis, Dana Stubblefield, and more amazing alumni through this job. Eric Wright now treats me like his daughter, scaring away any boy or player that tries to talk to me. Donna Perry, Joe Perry’s widow, is now my grandmother getting me involved with even more community events and giving me advice when I need it the most. But the icing on the cake is being able to dance like a total dork with Bryant Young and Roy Barker on the sidelines at the 49ers games just because I can. Nothing can beat these experiences.

While many just think of Silicon Valley as the center for tech and innovation, which of course is true, it can be so much more. This is a community built in technology, tradition, and best of all sports! I promise that if you branch out, experience all that the Bay Area offers, and root for the home team, your experience here will be that much better.

Michelle Goodwin Claremont McKenna College
Class of 2016