Stone Shou’s Silicon Valley Experience

Have to say, I am really enjoying the valley culture. This semester I’m working for Equinix, and we are one of the biggest data center providers in the world. That is, we host network providers, implementers and users together, and we compete with a lot of other colocation providers. That is, we put network carriers like AT&T and Verizon, cloud providers like Citrix and VMware, enterprises like Disney and Southwest Airlines, all together in the same building, and then we connect them to make sure necessary services are delivered in a nice timely manner. I’m doing some low level work for my team that doesn’t require a deep understanding of networking.

My manager Brian Lillie has been the nicest and one of the most knowledgeable and inspiring people you can know. Being able to spend time with him is a blessing. But honestly, I enjoyed the valley more than I enjoyed working at Equinix. What I benefited most from this program, maybe compared to a lot of classmates, has been from socializing with entrepreneurs that are doing great work. If I am to summarize what I’ve learned: vision and motivation really matter. Another thing I really enjoyed is just that Google has helped organized some great social events. Mr. Jonathan Rosenberg has created a Google group to share things with us, and I’ve enjoyed every piece of article and video clip.

For those considering the Silicon Valley Program, here are a few recommendations. Use company resources well. Really branch out if there’s any chance. I would also recommend you take both classes seriously. Both professors do great jobs organizing the content, and some knowledge you can apply to your work right away. Yeah don’t drink too much coffee at work.

Well I’m actually feeling quite depressed these days, after a good friend left the program, and things just look really fake and…You’ve heard about plenty of positive stories so far, so I guess it doesn’t matter if I just add a little to the opposite.

Stone Shou CMC
Class of 2014