Warriors, by Kevin McNamara

The Silicon Valley Program has afforded me a number of awesome and rewarding experiences outside of work and the classroom in my time so far here. As a big basketball fan, once such experience has been our trip to Oracle Arena to see the Golden State Warriors take on the Houston Rockets. What made the opportunity particularly special was the box seating, courtesy of CMC alum Jonathon Rosenberg. We got to enjoy the game comfortably, complete with catered food and drinks, a private bathroom, a coat check, and more.
While this was my first ever time enjoying an NBA game live from the comforts of a suite, for many of my fellow students, some of whom were born and raised in distant countries where basketball is merely a faint blip on the radar, the game meant their first ever time watching the NBA, in any capacity. While this ended up meaning that the chatter in the suite was more about which player was the most attractive and not about either team’s chances in the playoffs, it was an entertaining experience for me nonetheless to try explain as much about my favorite sport as quickly as I could.

Of course, the game itself only proved to be a part of the fun. I had heard that Warriors’ home games were an experience unlike anywhere else in the NBA, and I wasn’t let down. Every timeout meant another fun game for the fans to take part in, from shooting contests to a competition for who could come up with the best play-by-play commentary of a highlight. Even the pre-game introductions had more energy, excitement, and actual fire than anything I’d seen at Staples Center. A large group of young fans, who couldn’t have been more than 10 or 11, occupied the suite next to ours and seemed far more interested in torturing whatever poor soul from our group was seated closest to the large window separating the two boxes. Alex in particular was forced to suffer through their wrath on a number of occasions, but all in all it was in good fun.

For the most part, I just enjoyed a rare opportunity to see everyone from the program together in a setting other than day long Saturday classes. The San Francisco residents in particular I mostly see just one day a week. I was glad to be able to get away from the some of the stresses of work every day and classes on Saturday to enjoy some of the great opportunities that the Bay Area and the Silicon Valley Program have to offer.

Kevin McNamara Intern, Trinitas Partners
Claremont McKenna College
Class of 2015