Silicon Valley Program

Pomona College Notes

There are two important considerations to be aware of with regard to your enrollment in the Silicon Valley Program:

First, you will not earn credit toward graduation for the internship. You will be registered in the course, but on a non-credit basis. Pomona College does not award credit for internships that are paid and/or that are not completed within the framework of a regular course of which an internship is only one component.

Second, in place of registering in ECON198/Research on Economic Process, you will need to plan and have approved a Pomona Independent Study Contract by a Pomona faculty member by the end of the semester prior to your Silicon Valley Program semester. You must secure your independent study reader before you leave campus, and while doing this, you should be talking about the scope of the independent study with your reader. You must outline an acceptable independent study proposal before you leave campus at the end of the semester prior to your SVP semester. While the Independent Study doesn’t have to be in Economics, it should be relevant to issues that will be explored in the program.

When you arrive at the SVP, you may be able to revise your independent study proposal to reflect your internship, but it will still require approval and supervision by an appropriate Pomona College professor. Notify the Pomona College registrar once your internship begins if you want to pursue that option. Your final independent study contract must be submitted by the end of the first week of your SVP semester.

You will still abide by the Silicon Valley Program Independent Study Syllabus, submitting all assignments to your Pomona College independent study instructor, the Dean of the Robert Day School, and the Program Director.